Instant Loan Online Without Credit Bureau

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  • Apr 29, 2021

Are you looking for an instant loan that can be applied for online without Credit Bureau? In this case, advertising and Google will lead you to a credit broker. Take the chance to save 100 USD in additional costs for the agent. All you have to do is read the post.

Instant credit online and without Credit Bureau advertising

Credit advertising thrives on presenting people with a loan request, however exotic, as fulfilling. Google provides a large number of extreme examples. A minor advertising hype is the promise of offering an instant loan with negative Credit Bureau. A loan with a negative Credit Bureau can be applied for online. Unfortunately, it is not a real instant loan that can be applied for online without Credit Bureau.

The reason for this is obvious. An instant loan is a small loan that is processed using the simplified credit check procedure. Simplified means that hardly any documents have to be submitted, the credit check is mainly based on the score and the clean Credit Bureau.

A loan without Credit Bureau can be applied for online, through a credit intermediary or directly. However, the credit check is far more complex than for a “real” instant loan. Currently (as of October 25, 2013), as far as is known, only a foreign bank can legally offer a loan without Credit Bureau for Germans. It is Fine Lender Bank from Liechtenstein. This credit bank does not offer instant credit.

Loan without Credit Bureau – loan terms

Credit Bureau-free loans only make it possible to keep Credit Bureau completely out of the lending business. Neither the creditworthiness is checked by a Credit Bureau query, nor is an approved loan entered with Credit Bureau. Of course, personal creditworthiness must still be proven. On the one hand, the public debt register is queried. If there are entries in the debtor directory, there is also no instant loan, online – without Credit Bureau.

In addition, income plays an essential role in the credit check. Only an income from work that is generated from dependent employment is accepted. The employment contract must have existed for at least 12 months. It may neither be terminated nor limited. (Exception time soldier). In addition, a net income from work is assumed that is significantly above the seizure allowance. For a single person who applies for 3,500 USD in credit, at least 1,130 USD in net income is required.

A Credit Bureau-free loan, whether as an instant loan online – without Credit Bureau through a credit intermediary or applied for directly, offers only two loan amounts. You can apply for 3,500 USD at the annual percentage rate of 11.62 percent or 5,000 USD at the annual percentage rate of 11.61 percent. Repayment is always made in 40 equal monthly installments. The smaller loan amount has to be paid 105.95 USD per month, with 5,000 USD it is 151.35 USD per month.

Avoid risks of unfair offers

The credit bank mentioned is not an advertising partner of this site. The reference to the direct application possibility was nevertheless not given without reason. The advertising for Credit Bureau-free credit options does not only lead to reputable credit brokers. Time and again the media reports on how unscrupulous some companies are and how they take advantage of others. Credit Bureau even found in a study that only two percent of all credit attempts are successful.

Those who are rejected usually do not give up their loan search. The risk of getting an unfair provider increases. All of our research indicates that there is only one legal loan provider. Changing the credit intermediary does not increase the chance of a loan, but only the risk of falling into a cost trap. A loan from private donors would be legally conceivable.

The chance of actually getting such a personal loan is almost zero. If such a credit facility were to exist on a larger scale, BaFin (banking supervision) would intervene. This source of money would be out of the market in no time. Since 2009, the ruling by the Federal Administrative Court has determined that a banking license for foreign loans must be available (Az. 8 C 2.09).

An instant loan that can be applied for online without Credit Bureau can be used more easily via a reputable credit broker. Bon Kredit may serve as an example for various large reputable credit brokerage companies. A reputable credit broker doesn’t just hold out your hand. With his experience, he helps to make the loan application as promising as possible. If the result of the loan attempt is a loan refusal, then under the given conditions no serious – legal loan is possible. Another advertising for an instant loan – online and without Credit Bureau, brings no other result.